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RegenliteTM Transform enables the management of inflammatory skin conditions without any discomfort…

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A single treatment on acne vulgaris has been shown to decrease the average number of acne lesions by 50%…

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What can Regenlite Transform do for me? Plus many more of your questions answered…

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Before & After photographs of previous patients who have used the Regenlite Transform for skin conditions…



Fast, effective treatment for inflammatory skin conditions

Regenlite Transform by Chromogenex

Regenlite Transform is clinically proven to treat a number of common inflammatory skin conditions, including:

  • Acne vulgaris (all grades)
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Wound healing
  • Scar Improvement

Regenlite TM Transform can also be used for other applications to include vascular lesions, warts verrucas, molluscum contagiosum and skin rejuvenation.




What the Doctors say

Regenlite Transform is used by doctors & medical / cosmetic practitioners all over the world.

Regenlite Transform is clinically proven in the treatment of acne & can also be used for other applications which include vascular lesions, warts, verrucas, molluscum contagosum & skin rejuvination.


Prof. Chu

"The biggest breakthrough in acne in the last 30 years"
Dr. Chu, Dermatologist, Hammersmith Hospital, UK

Steve Shapiro

"The most versatile laser you will ever purchase"
Dr. Steve Shapiro, Dermatologist, University of Miami

Dr. Christine Dierickx

"As awareness for laser treatment of scars continues to grow with patients, the quest for laser treatment of scars also increases. When used in the early stage of wound healing, the Regenlite has proven to prevent further abnormal scar proliferation and to effect speedier improvement."
Dr. Christine Dierickx, Dermatologist, Belgium

Dr Tokuya Omi

"Regenlite is one of the most used lasers in my practice. We have also conducted our own clinical studies and found the laser to be both versatile and effective with minimal side effects. Its unique mechanism allows us to achieve impressive results with inflammatory skin conditions as we well as vascular and viral skin conditions"
Dr. Tokuya Omi, Dermatologist, Japan

Dr Kopleston

"Better results than my fraxional laser and without the side effects"
Dr. Kopleston, Dermatologist Beverly Hills, CA

Dr Edward Zimmerman

"Bottom line for my practice: It works. The Regenlite is also painless, affordable to a greater variety of patients, and has become a workhorse that exceeds my expectation"
Dr. Edward Zimmerman, Las Vegas, NV

Dr Steve Eubanks

"Regenlite is a paradigm shift, using low fluence laser to treat inflammatory disorders such as acne and psoriasis"
Dr. Steve Eubanks, Dermatologist, Denver, CO